(Clockwise from left to right): Painting by Edna Emmett; Michael Burke reads a poem; "Available to You," a painting by Ursula Cain Jordan; "Mother and Infant," a photo by Ben Cricchi; Freddy, a participating artist in Mosaic Community Services' Create for Recovery campaign, shares his story. All images and artwork shown are from our 2016 season kick-off event at The Institute for Integrative Health. All photo credits: Nancy Nichols Jagelka.

The New Day Campaign used art and public engagement to create extraordinary experiences. We made it possible for people to experience our vision first-hand – a world where those affected by mental illness and substance use are met with compassion and understanding rather than fear and judgment. Our events, exhibitions, and community gatherings brought creative and compassionate hearts together to challenge stigma. We believe that "where stigma ends, healing begins." Our events were always free and open to the public and offered an array of valuable materials and resources about mental illness, substance use and addiction and finding care, support, and recovery.

Hear what participants from our 2015 season had to say about the New Day Campaign experience in this 2-minute video.