Mission & Vision

The New Day Campaign used art-based programming and public engagement to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and substance use, making the world a more healing place.  Our vision is a world where those affected by mental illness and substance use are met with compassion and understanding rather than fear and judgment.


A set of virtues and beliefs shaped everything about the New Day Campaign. 

VIRTUES – Qualities that the New Day Campaign values and regarded as the foundational elements of our work.








BELIEFS – Statements derived from the collective personal experiences that inspired the creation of the New Day Campaign, formed its conceptual roots, and guided its evolution, development, operations, and programming.

    Where stigma ends, healing begins.

    We are not alone / we are of value / we are not our illnesses.

    Shame and stigma affect us all.

    Stereotypes are harmful and erroneous.

    There are many pathways to healing.

    When we share our pain, pain is lessened.  

    There is power in people — power in community.

    Talking about it — communicating — is a catalyst to change.