The New Day Campaign uses art-based programming and public engagement to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and substance use, making the world a more healing place. The New Day Campaign began in 2015 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Our vision is a world where those affected by mental illness and substance use are met with compassion and understanding rather than fear and judgment.


In late February 2014, New Day Campaign founder Peter Bruun sat down to write a post on his Bruun Studios blog only two weeks after he and his family suffered an unthinkable tragedy – the death of his eldest daughter, Elisif, from a heroin overdose at age 24. Peter titled the post “A New Day” and began the early work of starting this Campaign. Read the blog post here.

How We Started

The New Day Campaign's inaugural run took place from October 1-December 31, 2015. Over 92 days, the New Day Campaign presented 16 art exhibitions and 63 free public events, and conducted a community outreach campaign in the Baltimore region that opened hearts, changed thinking and conversations, and offered pathways to action. Founder Peter Bruun had anticipated a one-time run of groundbreaking programming.  Instead, something extraordinary happened - a new, vibrant, dedicated, and wholehearted circle of thousands took shape. Supporters, funders, and participants emphatically told organizers: "It is important for the New Day Campaign to find a way to continue its unique mission of using art to challenge stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and addiction."

What Happening Next

In 2016, the New Day Campaign set a course to become a permanent presence in Baltimore and beyond. That year, we formed an Advisory Board, kicked off a fundraising campaign and the 2016 season of programming. The next year, we presented our 2017 season, continued fundraising, and produced an opioid overdose prevention campaign for the Maryland Department of Health and an art show hosted by First Lady Yumi Hogan.

What's Happening Now

In 2017, the Advisory Board opted not to pursue the course of the New Day Campaign becoming a 501(c)3 organization. Following a hiatus from public programs, it was decided to house the New Day Campaign exactly where it began: under the leadership of the Campaign’s Founder, Peter Buun.

The New Day Campaign, now a for-profit venture of Bruun Studios, LLC, offers fee-for-service activities to interested parties consistent with the mission, vision, and goals of the New Day Campaign.