<em>First the Pain I</em> Opening Reception "How Are You?" by Alyse Ruriani

First the Pain I Opening Reception

Rosenberg Gallery, MICA
1301 Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore MD, 21217
October 7, 2015, 5:00 - 7:00pm

Opening reception for First the Pain I, an exhibition co-curated by Peter Bruun and Alyse Ruriani, featuring art by Kaitlin Beebe, Ben Cricchi, Amanda Davies, Michelle Labonte, Bess Lumsden, Alexa Rich, Alyse Ruriani, Garrett Seidman, Emma Jo Shatto, and Lauren Siegel about journeying through pain. Gallery conversation with the curators and exhibiting artists begins at 6:00pm, with a sharing from nutritionist Christine Horensky on the relationship between diet and wellness, and a musical offering from Pamela Byrd, Mental Health Therapist at Recovery in Community.

This event is part of Free Fall Baltimore.

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Partner: NAMI at MICA

First the Pain I

This event took place in conjunction with the exhibition First the Pain I

What pain looks like when one is suffering with mental illness or addiction, or affected by a loved one’s hurting, and what flows from that pain. How might we find a place of compassion to become part of the solution rather than contributing to…

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