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The New Day Campaign is a program of Bruun Studios, led by artist, curator, and organizer Peter Bruun. Bruun Studios combines art and advocacy in social- and civic-minded activities. Our approach is grounded in the belief art is a broad idea, essential to individual and cultural identity. As such, art is not marginal, but rather core to who we are.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, formed in early 2016 and disbanded in late 2017, played a key role in fundraising and provides strategic guidance on operational performance and accountability, fundraising, communications, and programming. Without their tireless and smart leadership, the New Day Campaign would not be where it is today.

A picture of Amy Bortner

Amy Bortner

Amy Bortner was born and raised in Buffalo, NY the youngest of nine children.  After losing two brothers to suicide, she has committed herself to raising awareness of mental illness.  She has served as a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and joined the New Day Campaign Advisory Board in 2015.  With a background in marketing and education, Amy’s goal is to help bring awareness and educational programming to all those in need, in particular young adults.  She lives in Towson with her husband and three children.  

A picture of Adrienne Breidenstine, Co-Chair

Adrienne Breidenstine, Co-Chair

Adrienne Breidenstine is Vice President of Policy and Communications. She directs the development of communications and policy and advocacy activities for Behavioral Health System Baltimore (BHSB), coordinates BHSB’s policy priorities with non-profit and governmental partners, and implements media, public education and advocacy campaigns to create positive behavior and policy change.  Adrienne has over 10 years’ experience with health and housing policy and helped shape policy reforms as it relates to homelessness and health care policy at the federal and local level. Prior to joining BHSB, Adrienne served as the Executive Director of the Journey Home for the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Human Services and as the Director of Overdose Treatment and Prevention at BHSB. She received a master’s degree in social work, with a concentration in social action and community development, from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

A picture of Peter Bruun, Founder

Peter Bruun, Founder

Peter Bruun is an artist, curator, and cultural organizer who has lived in the Baltimore area since 1987. He is the founder of the New Day Campaign.

A picture of Gayle Carney, Co-Chair

Gayle Carney, Co-Chair

Gayle Carney is founding partner of Pulse Forward, which focuses on creating bridges between strategic planning, productive operations, culture and authentic branding in mission-driven organizations.  For over 20 years, Gayle’s leadership has transformed workplace productivity, communications, and community building in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations. 

A picture of John Gephart

John Gephart

John Gephart has devoted his career to providing strategic counsel to government, business and nonprofit leaders. He particularly has enjoyed serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney and Board Chair of the Community Law Center.  And, he currently feels blessed to be able to care for his 90+ year-old parents and run their small business.  John is eager to help the New Day Campaign because he has lived with depression since college, is a musician who understands how the arts provide solace to those afflicted by brain illnesses, and seeks to fight stigma and promote healing by enhancing social awareness and education.

A picture of Toni Griswold

Toni Griswold

Toni Griswold has lived in Baltimore for 48 years and has always been involved in community services.  She served for several years on the CenterStage board, as well as on the board of Episcopal Community Services of Maryland where she served as the board chair for three years, and on the women’s board of Ashley Addiction Services (formerly Father Martin’s Ashley).

A picture of Stephen Heishman

Stephen Heishman

Stephen Heishman is a husband, father of three, and a research scientist with expertise in drug addiction, career development, and mentoring. He joined the Advisory Board because he has lived with mental illness and addiction in his family and profession and, having attended a few events in the 2015 season and since, he believes that the Campaign was making important steps toward compassion and healing around these issues.

A picture of Greg Hobelmann

Greg Hobelmann

Greg Hobelmann works as a staff psychiatrist at Ashley Addiction Treatment. He completed his psychiatry residency at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He also completed an anesthesiology residency and pain medicine fellowship at Johns Hopkins in 2006.  Greg now focuses on treating patients with substance use disorders and pain.  He is a person in recovery and is passionate about decreasing the stigma associated with addiction. 

A picture of Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones

Chris Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator operating an independent shop called Brown Hornet Design. Chris has decades of experience working with an array of firms. Now more than ever he looks to pour his energy into the most meaningful projects. He says "Working with the New Day Campaign has helped me to do just that."

A picture of Jessica Kohnen

Jessica Kohnen

Jessica Kohnen is a founding partner at hyve, a consulting firm that supports organizations and people who are doing things that matter. Jessica helps her clients by strategizing, facilitating, and developing leadership practices to achieve harmony at work and to move great missions forward faster. Jessica has worked in the non-profit sector for nearly two decades, with a consistent focus on building strategy and facilitating teams to tackle multi-dimensional projects within complex systems. Jessica has led two non-profit organizations in the role of Executive Director and understands the value of strong board and executive partnership. 

A picture of Nancy Lewin

Nancy Lewin

Nancy Lewin is the Principal and Communications Strategist at Asana Consulting, where she creates communications and marketing strategies for social impact and nonprofit organizations seeking to spark growth, secure investment, and expand impact. Prior to starting Asana Consulting in 2014, Nancy worked in senior and executive leadership roles for Evergreen Health, the Baltimore City Health Department, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Howard County Health Department. Nancy is also a writer and a certified yoga teacher. Nancy's personal experiences of the devastation caused by mental illness and substance use and the healing power of education, compassion, and art drew her to the New Day Campaign in 2015.

A picture of Sharon Strouse

Sharon Strouse

Sharon Strouse is a board certified Art Therapist and licensed clinical professional Art Therapist, author, teacher, facilitator, speaker and survivor. of her 17-year-old daughter Kristin ending her own life in 2001. Sharon and her husband Doug’s Kristin Rita Strouse Foundation (KRSF) became a sponsor for the New Day Campaign in 2015, and Sharon co-curated the exhibition Touched with Fire:  Kristin and Elisif. She joins the Advisory Board because she believes the heart of the New Day Campaign and the mission of KRSF are one and the same.

A picture of Gary Vikan

Gary Vikan

Gary Vikan was the director of the Walters Art Museum from 1994 to 2013. His energies, in retirement, are devoted to writing, lecturing, teaching, and mentoring non-profit leaders. He is on the board the the Creative Alliance. His memoir, Sacred and Stolen: confessions of a Museum Director, appeared in September 2016. 

Rita Walters

Rita Walters is the Vice President for Advancement at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Featured Instagram

Every now and again, an artist deeply touches you... the experience transcending mere interest, pleasure, or delight. Such has been our experience of @phyliciaghee , whose performances mine a deeply spiritual place of profound connection to something so much larger than our every day... to a place of wholeness, presence, and healing. Our #ndcartistoftheweek is Phylicia Ghee, who has been a fixture as an artist for the New Day Campaign since we began in 2015. Our Resident Healing Artist in 2015, Phylicia has presented several extraordinarily powerful performances over the past several years, and will be a part of our activities again in 2018 in a yet-to-be-determined healing arts workshop as part of our programming for “Heroin & Healing,” an exhibition we are presenting with @kentcountyarts . You can see more of Phylicia at her website at #artheals #healingandart #itsanewday #ndcitsanewday

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New Day Campaign Founders' Circle

The Founders' Circle was the 2016-2017 fundraising campaign to secure the future of the New Day Campaign. Thank you to the individuals, organizations, institutions, and foundations who donated to help us make the New Day Campaign an ongoing reality.