We've Reached 75% of Our Fundraising Goal. Why Stop Now?

Published: December 5, 2016

We have some very exciting news from the fundraising front: As of today, the New Day Campaign has raised 75% of our $200,000 goal. There is so much momentum and excitement building around this campaign, and we want to give more people and organizations the opportunity to join. Therefore, our advisory board has decided to extend the Founders’ Circle fundraising campaign to June 30, 2017.

A special expression of our gratitude goes to the individuals and Founding Partner organizations that have joined in 2016. None of the success of the Founders’ Circle so far would be possible without your support and confidence in our mission. In only five months, your enthusiastic and wholehearted support has generated exponential value that continues to multiply and build. Thank you!

We would also like to give a shout-out to our peer-to-peer fundraisers: Alexa Rich, Mike Harrington, Felicia Shakman, Peter Bruun, Jessica Kohnen, Nancy Lewin, Maureen Rosenbloom, Rachel Kotkin, Alice Bauman, Clare Ng, and Peggy Kolodny. They have generously volunteered to host fundraising pages that have been immensely successful so far—raising over $9,500 with 98 total donations. The peer-to-peer pages are particularly effective because they allow supporters to share our work with their own friends and family, letting them know the reasons that the New Day Campaign is personally meaningful to them. As Jessica Kohnen writes on her page: “As so many of you know, my family story includes suffering and loss associated with mental illness. In 2001, my beautiful mother, PJ Brent, committed suicide. She was just 49. She had suffered for years—in many ways alone—with undiagnosed mental illness. I often think about how things might have been different for my mom had she felt a sense of love, compassion, and care in the face of her illness—rather than fear, shame, and stigma. I feel privileged to lend my support and voice to the New Day Campaign—in honor of my mom, and my family members, and all those suffering with mental illness and/or addiction.”

If you have not yet joined the Founders’ Circle, you can learn more here.

New Day Campaign Founders' Circle

The Founders' Circle is the fundraising campaign to secure the future of the New Day Campaign. Donors are individuals, organizations, institutions, and foundations dedicated to providing the financial support needed to make the New Day Campaign a permanent organization. Join the Circle - Learn More Here!