Addiction Now: Opioid, Opioid, Opioid

Addiction Now: Opioid, Opioid, Opioid

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore MD, 21205
January 31, 2017, 5:00 - 7:00pm

2017 is a year the New Day Campaign in partnership with others explore matters related to addiction in a variety of ways. We begin by taking a look at the current opioid crisis: what is it, why are we in it, and what can be done and is being done? Widening our lenses beyond our national borders, what is happening elsewhere around the world and worth considering within our community? And taking a look at a historic past, how has substance use—with an emphasis on opioids—been viewed and managed in bygone cultures and eras? Bring your stories, questions, and ideas for a primer on all-things-opioid.

Sponsor: Ashley Addiction Treatment
Partner: Ashley Addiction Treatment, OSI-Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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Shout out to @alyserurianidesign powerful and brave art: “kindred is a photo + embroidery series based in process. each photo + embroidery represents one day; my face that day, my emotions that day, my life that day, my thoughts that day. I embroidered onto the photo in whatever way felt right. I explored emotions without the context of language- something I am not accustomed to and, frankly, something I fear. the end product calls to look at the layers of the image and the relationship between them. this project holds as a sort of visual journal where I can express myself and my vulnerability without edits.“ #newdaycampaign #newdaycampaignartists #thenewdaycampaign #fightstigma #healingarts #newdaynostigma #newdaycampaignartistoftheweek #ndcartistoftheweek #artistoftheweek.

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New Day Campaign Founders' Circle

The Founders' Circle was the 2016-2017 fundraising campaign to secure the future of the New Day Campaign. Thank you to the individuals, organizations, institutions, and foundations who donated to help us make the New Day Campaign an ongoing reality.